Who are you helping by buying a Mongolian made yurt?
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
Mongolia ranks at the top of the business risk stakes, A study by The U.S State Department
ranked Mongolia 105 out of 145 countries surveyed in terms of corruption, enforcing
contracts, property rights and the legal system. If you are buying from an import agent or a
company that is selling yurts as a side business.. ..beware. What do they know about doing
business in Mongolia? Yurt production? Do they have a permanent base in Mongolia to
monitor production and packing on a daily basis? Will it make any difference if they do? How
have they assessed the working conditions and treatment of employees? Have they simply
spent a few days in Mongolia, drinking tea with the yurt company owner before buying your
yurt. I have been doing business in Asia for over 15 years, plus my wife is Mongolian.

So how about Ulaantaij then?
We are the only yurt manufacturer in Mongolia that is also an ethical employer. Guaranteed.
All our staff, and there are more than twenty five of us now, are full time. Receive a fair wage,
plus full benefits, healthcare, social insurance and one weeks paid holiday at each of the two
major festivals held each year. We also provide two free meals a day along with free milk. A
major constituent of most Mongolians diet. On top of this we provide free on-site housing for
two families and pay for their children's education. We also pay our taxes, and aim to be a
model corporate citizen of Mongolia, in order to give something back to the country that gave
us the yurt (ger).
Are you helping the Mongolian
The simple answer is No.  
Mongolia is focused on making
a high volume of poor quality
yurts for the poorest of the poor.
If you are buying your yurt from
an importer or trader they will
try to make you believe these
are "quality" yurts made for
export. As with any product
destined for the poor, price is
an issue. The only way to keep
prices low are by exploiting
labour, dangerous working
conditions, child labour and
using illegal wood.
You wouldn't buy trainers made
in a sweatshop - don’t buy a
when he grows up. Even now he
doesn't like standing still.