Why our yurts are better than any other yurt from Asia !
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
We take great care with our joinery to make sure all joints are made correctly and protected/
use out of your yurt.

Whilst retaining many of the traditional horsehair ropes used for decorative purposes, in
structurally important and exterior positions, we have replaced these with their modern day  
nylon & poly-nylon equivalents.

As Western Europe does not receive as much sunlight as Mongolia, we have specially
designed our yurts to let in as much light as possible. We have done this by opening up the
whole of the crown wheel to the sky, whilst also adding two large windows into the frame of
the door. Finally, to make sure you can keep an eye on the kids on a cold day, we have made
the windows in the inner double doors as large as possible.

Via a system of removable and non removable clear plastic windows, we offer crown wheels
that are 100% open to the sky, whilst also offering protection from the elements. With the
increased amount of runoff rainwater that a showerproof crown wheel brings, we also offer
as standard our patented crown wheel flashing. This is not the cheap canvas or plastic
flashings that some yurt companies use (we tried them they do not work) , ours are made of
wood. This wooden flashing stops water running in-between the crown wheel, and the
various material layers that buttress up against it. Don’t leave home without it!

Doors. We make our doors wider than normal to accommodate large windows on either
side of the door. In order to do this we make our door frames slightly curved.  A yurt is after all
a round structure. This takes time and great skill to get right. And is something you will never
see on an "Authentic" Mongolian yurt.

We use a combination of hard and soft woods in the construction of our yurts. We take care
to ensure that the most suitable species of wood is used for each yurt component, based on
each components shape, and the degree of flexibility needed in it.

All wood is seasoned for a minimum of one year and is felled during the winter months.

Wood is becoming an expensive commodity in Mongolia, mainly due to most people who
need wood simply going to a forest and cut ting it down themselves. The government has
now woken up to the environmental damage being rought, and in an effort to stop it, is
heavily regulating the transport of wood. Especially into the capital. In general, only legal
sources of timber are now being stored in the city.

All our wood is bought via government approved sources. Only companies that have been
approved and have been issued with certification are able to buy wood from government
approved auctions/ sales/ agents. If a company does not have or cannot show you this
certificate then they are using ILLEGAL TIMBER.

Another area where you will immediately notice a difference is the paint  we use. It is
specially imported from South Korea's leading paint manufacturer, and is designed for
exterior use.

Just as importantly, but not so obvious, is the type of glue we use, this is specially imported
from the UK and conforms to IS0 9001 & 14001, UK AS certified and DAS 9001-2000

Wood filler
When we need to, we use wood filler imported from our friends in Korea. Again it is exterior
grade and will last longer than the wood surrounding it.

Material covers - There are four layers of material that cover our yurts.

- Inner liner
Provides a neutral backdrop to the brightly painted roof poles plus adds light to the interior.
Made from mold resistant poly-cotton.
- Felt
We have tried them all, but we use a machine manufactured felt that also combines man
made fibres. This has the advantage of not going mouldy when damp, does not attract mice
or moths, does not react with the canvas in an adverse way and also has greater tensile
strength than 100% wool felts. All felt sections are edged with hard wearing nylon to ensure
they do not fray.
- Canvas
Cut to a design that is waterproof. The degree to which the canvas sits on the ground is fully
adjustable. Both canvas sections are edged with hard wearing nylon to ensure they do not
- Sun Covers
Natural cotton, rot resistant nylon or canvas outer covers with hand stitched Mongolian
designs. Cotton covers go mouldy easily in a damp or wet environment, and are only
suitable for occasional use. For this reason we prefer nylon outer covers, as they are harder
wearing and add an extra layer of protection to your yurt. We now also offer a white 12 oz rot
resistant canvas outer cover.

In Mongolia yurts are viewed as utilitarian objects, something to be used and abused, and
as such we should not worry about them getting knocked around. This includes when they
are loaded into a container for shipping to another country. We don’t agree with this, and
spend a lot of time, energy and money packing our yurts to ensure they arrive as we made
Horses, a common theme and
love in Mongolia
In co-operation with some of the in
the UK, we have put a lot of time,
money and energy into studying
yurts,  how they stand up to a wet
Western European environment,
and just as importantly, how they
are used by people in the West.

To this end we have and continue
to make improvements in the
materials used, and the way in
which our yurts are made.

Furthermore, we operate in a
sound and ethical way. Using safe
and legally sourced materials and
treating our employees with dignity
and respect.
Below we have outlined some of
the features we think make our
yurts special.
Dragon posts, hand carved
into the wooden frame.
Buddhist scripture adorn this
crown support