What you receive when you buy a yurt from Ulaantaij
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
What we offer as standard many companies will charge you $1,000's for. We feel our offer of
high quality traditional design and value for money to be unbeatable. Please see below for a
detailed listing of what you receive when you buy a yurt from us.
For a full pictorial explanation of all the various wooden and material components that go
into making up one of our yurts, please click
HERE or see erecting a traditional Mongolian
yurt, under the "What is a yurt" tab.
Wooden components
1 - Crown wheel:
as well as a combination of perspex inserts and precision
made wooden framed windows that you can open and
close to allow air in. Traditional designs are painted on the
inner ring and spars of the wheel.
2 - Crown Supports:
Decorated on one side. When installed help the yurt to cope
with incredible weights or heavy snow loads. Crown
supports are unique to Mongolian yurts and help make your
yurt able to withstand virtually all weathers.
3 - Roof poles:
Cut to a uniform shape and super smooth to the touch.
Each roof pole is hand painted with designs that creates a
rhythmic affect that runs around the yurt. You will never think
of poles in the same way again.
4 - Door:
Our door frames are slightly curved and incorporate large
windows on either side of the main door. Inside the main
door there are double doors with large windows that help
frame the view. Designs are painted on all surfaces
5 - Colours: All the above components come in one base
colour of your choice. Choose from orange, red, light blue,
dark blue, green or brown, on top of which traditional
Mongolian designs are painted in colours that compliment
your choice of base colour.
6. - Lattice-wall sections:
All wall sections are made from premium quality larch, cut
and carefully steam bent into shape. You have the option of
wall sections in plain wood that you can treat yourself or for
a small fee having us treat them with a linseed oil based
Material Covers
Layer 1 - Inner Liner:
A thin cotton liner than covers the roof AND walls. This
provides a backdrop to the brightly painted roof poles and
helps bring a light airy feeling into the yurt.
Layer 2 - Felt:
Comes in four sections which cover the roof and walls.
Helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Edged with hard wearing nylon. A yurt is not a yurt without
Layer 3 - Canvas:
Made from heavy duty 24oz canvas and cut to our own
design. The degree to which the wall section sits on the
floor is fully adjustable. This is unique in yurts from Asia.
No-one else does it.
Available in cotton, Nylon, canvas.
- Outer cover decorated with blue, red, green, brown design
- Crown cover decorated with blue, red, green, brown design
- Outer skirt decorated with blue, red, green, brown design
Horsehair & polypropylene

Aluminium crown insert for
accepting stove flue
55 page, fully illustrated guide on
how to assemble your yurt.

20 page, fully illustrated guide on
how to build a wooden base for
your yurt.