Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
A carved yurt, where traditional designs are carved by hand into the solid wood, are a true work of art. The pictures that appear on these
pages are of our standard carved yurts, the prices for which appear on our
"Sizes & Prices" page.
A plain light blue yurt. No traditional design paintwork. We can
accommodate pretty much any request you have.
Light blue yurt with nylon sun cover with a red design on it.
Same yurt as above but showing the crown with perspex windows and
inserts which as almost invisible. Hence you never notice them.
A green yurt.  You can still see the brown paper protective covering on
the perspex in the windows in door frame and split inner doors.
Interior of the same yurt shown top right
One of our more ornate examples of design work on one of our crown
Detail of one of our standard design crown supports in green.