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Carved yurts: To view these pictures as a slideshow please click HERE
A carved yurt, where traditional designs are carved by hand into the solid wood, are a true work of art. The pictures that appear on these
pages are of our standard carved yurts, the prices for which appear on our
"Sizes & Prices" page.
This guy wants to comfortable when he goes to sleep at night. Has
brought his floor with him. Essential in winter time.
A beautiful view to wake up to in the morning. Just very cold.
Grandma & grandpa enjoying a break from eating meat. Note the crown
wheel which is not the traditional design but is one that is often used.
Yurt life at its best. Summer, sun going down and looks like everyone
is inside having something to eat.
President of Mongolia on the right. Famous horse breeder on the left.
Not sure who guy in the middle is.
Storm clouds gathering in the distance. Hatches are battened down on
this yurt for the night.
Yurt campsite for tourists in the Mongolian countryside. Very neat and