Carved yurts: To view these pictures as a slideshow please click HERE
A carved yurt, where traditional designs are carved by hand into the solid wood, are a true work of art. The pictures that appear on these
pages are of our standard carved yurts, the prices for which appear on our
"Sizes & Prices" page.
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
Carved Yurts
designs hand the
carved directly into
traditional Mongolian
covered in up to four
the wooden layers of
framework of the
yurt. It is then
covered in up to four
layers of protective

LEFT: Crown support
shown.  Hand
carved on both sides

RIGHT: Crown wheel
and crown supports
of larger yurt.
Smaller yurts only
have two crown
supports, thus giving
a more open internal
space. However the
design work is
exactly the same as
shown here.
LEFT: Inside detail
of the carved door is
shown here. Both
sides are carved
with very intricate

RIGHT: Here you
can see the outside
of the carved door.
Again the designs
on the inside of the
door are replicated
on the outside.
LEFT: Here you can
see in detail the
carving on the
crown wheel. This
is the most ornate
part of the yurt and
creates a very
dramatic effect once
the yurt is erected.

RIGHT:  Detail of the
roof poles. Each
roof pole is hand
carved with
traditional designs.
This creates a
beautiful spiral
rhythm through the
roof of the yurt.
The completed framework. This will be covered in four layers of material
covers (1) Poly cotton liner (2) Felt insulating layer (3) Heavyweight
canvas cover (4) 12oz white canvas cover with blue decoration.
philosophy they hold up the world and play a symbolic part in the
erection of a carved yurt.