Carved yurts: To view these pictures as a slideshow please click HERE
All of the yurts shown on this page are unique one off's. Each yurt took a team of craftsmen between 4 - 6 months to
create. Prices for the type of yurt pictured here are in the UK£20,000 - £40,000 range. Please quote picture via letter and
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Carved yurts: To view these pictures as a slideshow please click HERE
A carved yurt, where traditional designs are carved by hand into the solid wood, are a true work of art. The pictures that appear on these
pages are of our standard carved yurts, the prices for which appear on our
"Sizes & Prices" page.
Carved Yurts
A carved yurt is a
true work of art.
However the
examples shown on
these pages are
"National Treasures"
and take anything
from 6 months to 1
year to create

LEFT: Very ornate
Crown support
showing horses,
considered symbols
of good luck in

RIGHT: Who wouldn't
be proud to walk
through that door.
Again shows horses
in many
representation's as
this brings good luck
to the yurt owner.
LEFT: Inside detail
of crown supports
and crown wheel.

RIGHT: Another
really great door.
This one showing
philosophy. 6 on the
outside and another
6 on the inside. This
is yurt making at it's
LEFT: Crown
supports with
horses again. A very
common theme in

RIGHT:  Turtles from
heaven. And these
one's come with
elephants as well.
A very ornate crown wheel indeed. Just as well it is out of reach of the
Crown supports showing dragons. Not a typical animal seen in
Mongolian art as it is something more associated with China.