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We are the worlds No. 1
resource for Mongolian yurts.
Here you will find a wealth of
knowledge on yurt style, design,
quality, history and more.
What's a yurt for?
Cool in summer, warm in winter.
Yurts range from 3 - 20 meters
in diameter. Great as a weekend
getaway, children's play house,
spare room, permanent or
temporary housing, yoga or
meditation space, party venue,
campground rentals and more.
Advantages of a yurt from Ulaantaij
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
Designed and constructed specifically for a European climate
We believe in the right of every person to a job at fair wages, with dignity and justice
Founded in 2004, we are your long term, reliable business parter
Constructed using ethically sourced natural components and modern materials.
Yurts are available in a multitude of designs, finishes and sizes to suit your intended use
We have been exporting yurts longer than anyone else, so we know what works
Ulaantaij Mongolian Yurts
Where can I buy your yurts?
View our yurts in Mongolia and the UK  
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Who are we?
Founded in 2004 and with our
own yurt workshop in
Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of
Mongolia, we specialise in the
manufacture and export of high
quality traditional Mongolian yurts
to Europe and worldwide.
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Ulaantaij Yurts in the UK
We have been supplying yurts to the UK
longer than anyone else
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