Sacred Hoop - A magazine dedicated to
celebrating the circle of life.

An excellent article on Mongolian yurts that
we helped contribute to. This issue
continues with a series of articles on
Mongolian Shamanism.

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Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
Ulaantaij in the news
Canadian Museum of Civilisation - We
take part in a major new exhibition that
brings together new discoveries on the
peoples of the Russian Steppes and
the Canadian prairies.

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Museum of Civilisation, please visit
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the exhibition
August 2006
November 2006
Interior of one of our yurts set
up in the UK
Another of one of our yurts in
the UK
Daily Express Newspaper UK
Our agent in the UK, Mongolian
Yurts Direct
appears in the July 4th edition of
the Daily Express Newspaper
under the heading "Our Yurt
makes a fab guest room"
Article extols the virtues of what a
unique and cost effective space
yurts can be. Perfect for
overnight guests, kids play area,
party space, full or part time
living, afternoon nap zone and
much much more.
July 2008