Erecting a traditional
Mongolian yurt in the
(9) Now your framework is
complete, and you are ready to
add the material covers. To see
how that is done, please click
A "yurt" of the reindeer
people of northern Mongolia
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
(2) Take one
of the five
(3) Open it up.
(8) Stand the support
poles and crown
wheel upright in order
to fit the roof poles.
(1) Take one door & frame. Place it where
you want to erect your yurt.
Erecting a Traditional Mongolian yurt: Wooden framework
This is a quick guide to erecting the wooden framework of one of our No.5 yurts. The sequence
has been edited, however it should help you appreciate how easy and fun, erecting your own yurt
can be. Erecting a yurt will require a minimum of two people.
Our 70 page, fully illustrated owners manual goes into very specific details of how to erect your yurt,
it's maintenance, and other useful pointers to watch out for. It is
free of charge to all purchasers.
(8) Fit the roof poles in the specific order
outlined on our Owners Manual.
(4) Mesh
it's edge
with the
that will sit
next to it.
(6) Take two crown wheel supporting
columns and tie them to the crown wheel
A modern day yurt in a
traditional setting, as per
Genghis Khan's time.
A very ornate set of roof
supports, crown wheel and
door, used for the yurt that
celebrated the inauguration
of the new president in mid
One of the many yurt camps
that provides accommodation
for tourists around the country.
These yurts are permanently
sited and provide shelter
throughout the year.
(5) Lash the two
together with
the horse hair
ropes provided.
Repeat until
all 5 sections
are done. A
detailed guide
of how to do
this is included
in our Owners
(7) Stand the
crown wheel