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Erecting a Traditional Mongolian yurt: The material covers
(2) Next comes the felt insulation. This covers
both the roof and walls down to floor level
(1) First is a cotton liner that covers the roof
and walls
, this acts as a backdrop to the
brightly painted roof poles and lattice walls.
(7)The last thing to be added is the skirt
or hayavch.
(5) Three horse hair bands encircle the yurt
and holds all of the various covers on tightly.
(6) Next is the crown cover or ulkh. This is
held in place by four horse hair ropes and
can be opened and closed as the light and
weather dictate.
(4) The final outer layer is one piece. This is
the cover that holds the traditional Mongolian
(8) If you have
purchased an
inner curtain.
Then this now
needs to be
(3) The third layer is the one that keeps you
dry, a covering of heavy duty canvas. Approx
24 ounce canvas.
(9)You are now done.
Congratulations, you
are now ready to enjoy
the fruits of your labour.
Shaping felt to fit yurt No 1
Shaping felt to fit yurt No 2
Shaping felt to fit yurt No 3