Disclaimer & Terms of Trading
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
UlaanTaij products are designed, developed and manufactured for use in the applications
described in our literature. Their use in any other application whatsoever, whether or not the
end-use is made known to us is entirely at the risk of the buyer, and no warranty as to the
fitness for the purpose in respect of any other application is given or implied. We can be
responsible only for manufacturing defects in goods supplied by us, and our liability shall be
limited to the cost of such goods. While our canvas fabrics are of an excellent quality, local
environmental conditions combined with how the yurt is used and stored may result in
mildew growth. UlaanTaij cannot be held responsible for mildew growth. As has long been
known in the trade, fabric dyes can rub off, and can fade. The UlaanTaij product range is
subject to continuous development and we reserve the right to change product
specifications. A change in product specification does not imply lack of suitability of former
production.  Should a product be found to be defective, please contact us within 28 days from
time of delivery. We retain legal title to all goods supplied by us until payment has been
received in full.
Our yurts reflect the work
of the human hand, and
as such have inherent
imperfections compared
to modern machine
manufactured products.
All our yurts are of
exceptional quality and we
believe them to be the
best authentic Mongolian
yurts available in Mongolia
or the UK.