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* Sizes are approximate .
We offer two kinds of yurt. Painted and carved.

A painted Yurt is painted in a single base colour of your choice. Each component is then decorated with
traditional designs. To view our painted yurts, click
A carved Yurt has traditional designs hand carved directly into each yurt component. To view our carved
yurts, click

Due to shipping restrictions minimum order of five yurts. To receive a quote please state how many
of which size & destination country. To buy individual yurts please contact Yurts Direct Ltd HERE
Bare bones of one of our
painted yurts
Yurt type & sizes
A painted yurt
A carved yurt
Used in Mongolia now, just as
in the times of Genghis Khan.
Yurt No 4

Our entry size yurt. This yurt
is suitable for one person
to live in year round. Or as a
kitchen or bathroom yurt on
campsite rentals. Offers a
good balance between
size, portability and cost.
Popular amongst modern
nomads travelling or as a
simple chill out space in
the garden
Internal space: 19.6 m²
Price: Contact us for Quote
Yurt No 5

Our most popular sized yurt
as it offers the perfect
combination of size, cost
and portability.
Often used as a campsite
rental or as a home for two,
it offers plenty of space for a
double bed, storage and
basic cooking facilities You
really can't go wrong with
this size yurt.
Internal space: 26 m²
Price: Contact us for Quote
Yurt No 6

Offers a great amount of
Although the
diameter is only
15% wider
than our No.5 size yurt
, it
offers a whopping 30%
more floor space. This
makes it very popular for
luxury campsite rentals,
yoga studios, festivals and

Internal space: 34 m²
Price: Contact us for Quote
Yurt No 8

Our entry size yurt in the
"Big Yurts" range. Offers a
huge 50 square meters of
space. This size yurt has
been used for a multitude of
uses including cinema,
yoga studio, retail shop,
home, kids pay area and
community meeting hall.

Internal space: 50 m²
Price: Contact us for Quote
Yurt No 10

As per a No.8 yurt but more
more and more.

The imagination is the limit
with this amount of space.

Internal space: 78.5 m²
Price: Contact us for Quote
Yurt No 20
Once you have been in a
yurt of this size nothing will
be the same again.

A magical experience that
redefines what a yurt is.

Due to the time needed to
pitch this size yurt it is no
longer considered a
portable structure

Space: 201 m²
Price: Contact us for Quote