We moved to our new 350
square meter workshop in
mid April 2006. One of a
series of old Soviet army
barracks in the area. This
gave us the opportunity to
expand production as well as
to continue making yurts
through the bitter Siberian
winters, thanks to our Soviet
friends antique, but sturdy
heating system. No more
frostbite for us. Apart from the
heating system, some
interesting relics of Soviet
Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
The Ulaantaij workshop
times remain. The most obvious of which was the 6 meter high monument to Lenin. Who
watches over us all. We have now settled into our new House of Yurts, and as demand for
our yurts increases, we are currently planning our next move/ expansion. Watch this space !
Just waiting to spoil the serenity