Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
Meet Ulaantaij - Staff, Managers, Dogs & an owner or two
This page is dedicated to Maia
2005 - 2006. Apolo's sister, who
sadly left us this year.
Delga. Workshop manager.
Jara and Rex the Alsation
The indispensible Pu J.
Carpenters at work. From left to right. Tomorkhuu, Gansukh,
Davaadorj & Shinekhuu
(Left) P. Saruulbuyan & (right) T.
Ganbat who is "worker of the
We are an ethical employer. And we believe the only yurt company in Mongolia to do so. All our staff,
and there are more than twenty of us now, are full time. Receive a fair wage, plus full benefits,
healthcare, social insurance and one weeks paid holiday at each of the two major festivals held each
year. We also provide two free meals a day along with free milk. A major constituent of most
Mongolians diet. On top of this we provide free on-site housing for two families and pay for Tamura's
education (left). We also pay our taxes, and aim to be a model corporate citizen of Mongolia, in order to
give something back to the country that gave us the yurt (ger).
Tamura. Lives on-site with
his family. We sponsor his
education at the local junior
Some of our shyer members
of staff did not want to be
photographed, but agreed to
being listed below.
Our cook. T. Otgonjargal
One of the six artists who
paint our yurts.
S. Batdorj
L. Tsetsegjargal
D. Gegeen
C. Enkmaa
D. Purevdorj
S. Batdorj
T. Saranchimeg
T. Jaranbaatar
H. Oyubdelger