Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
Corporate and Social responsibility
foreign companies entering
third world markets to exploite
the country, it's workforce, the
environment and sidestep
government regulations. Nike,
Asda, B&Q, Rio Tinto have all
done or are continuing to do it.  
Get rich quick , grab it now,
take it over, cut costs,
amalgamate it, all hidden
behind the term "shareholder

We obviously do not agree with
this and aim to ensure that
Treat our workforce with respect and dignity. Paying a fair days wage for a fair days work.
Equal opportunities to all, race, sex, religion or social background play no part in our company.
Help those without a trade to learn one.

Ensure we meet and exceed our social and healthcare obligations to our workforce.
Act as a model corporate citizen of Mongolia

Sustainable Development:
To source all our wood from government approved sources. We will not use illegally logged
Ensure all waste materials are recyled or used in a socially responsible manner.