Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
Dear Tim,
Dispatches from the western front – Glastonbury was a mud bath and your Yurt
was much admired for providing a dry, cosy haven, quite apart from its beauty.
Some folk from the Somerset Wildlife Trust slept in it for a few days before we got
there and felt they were living in luxury compared to other people.
Philip, Somerset
WE constructed it on Friday 22 June as planned, darting between showers. It
looked dazzling and far better than I ever expected. We put up the hangings and
laid the Persian and Turkish rugs so the interior was utterly sumptuous. The
painted roof poles make the most wonderful visual rhythm.
Ambrose, London
Just wanted to thank you and all your team of craftspeople for my rather beautiful
ger. The red 6.6 is beautifully painted and I love the red glossy paint and how the
decoration stands out.  The smells of the felt and the horsehair rope are also
enjoyable in this increasingly artificial land. Your Instruction manual looks good
too- thank you.
Will keep in touch and thank you for the attention to detail and the great service.
Frazer, Middlesbrough
We have erected our ger for the first time and it is wonderful. Thank you.
Best wishes to you and your manufacturing team.
Jonty, Devon
Please pass a big thank you onto your team. Our shipment arrived safely and we
are now starting the mammoth task of unloading and erecting all our yurts. The
carving is stunning and we'll be sure to send you on a copy of the film and
pictures when ready
Amina, USA
Having had the yurt up now since easter through some rather unseasonal
weather we've seen the yurt stand up to some severe wind and extremely heavy
rain.  All in all though we think it's a fantastic yurt you've made us.
Ben & Sarah
Lake District
Hi we bought two yurts off you seven nearly eight years ago, the best investment
we ever made we ran a very sucessful business in York with them and three
years ago relocated to Spain. We bought a cheaper  yurt some time later and can
i say its not been a patch on yours.
Sara & Darren - Spain