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Accessories - Sun Cover Materials
incorporates traditional Mongolian designs. Sun cover designs are explained on our Sun Cover
Design Page.
We offer three different choices of material for our sun cover. Each of which is explained below.
What material is best for your sun cover.
Cotton: The traditional
choice, used on nearly every
yurt in Mongolia. Perfect if
you are planning to use your
yurt in a dry or arid
environment such as
Central Asia or Australia.  
However we have found
them to be unsuitable for
wet climates such as found
in Europe. For yurts to be
placed in a wet environment
we recommend a canvas
cover as shown below
12oz canvas: This is the
cover that comes as
standard on all our yurts .A
lightweight 12oz untreated  
polycotton canvas cover
that is very robust and
gives the yurt a very natural
appearance. We have used
these covers for many
years in Europe. Various
treatments for mould and
fire resistance available.