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Felt - Choices & Options
We know more about felt, how it's made and performs, both in Mongolia and the West than anyone
else in the yurt business. So you'll find no second hand information here.
We offer three felt options, plus advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
6mm thick felt
We offer this felt as standard on all
our yurts. It is a uniform white/ cream
colour and contains approximately
20% recycled man made fibres. It
offers a basic amount of insulation
and is not as bulky as our other felts
thus offering good portability

Due to it's man made fibre content, it
is strong and hard wearing
16mm thick felt
For a small additional fee we can
offer this felt as standard on all our
yurts. It is a uniform white/ grey
colour and contains approximately
25 - 35% recycled man made fibres.
Due to its additional bulk it offers a
good amount of insulation. However
this thickness of felt is bulky and this
should be considered when ordering
17mm thick felt
This is the Rolls-Royce of felts. Made
from 100% Mongolian organic wool.
Factory processed by an ISO 9001
company. It is a consistent and
uniform white in colour.. It is
extremely dense, reflecting the large
volume of wool used in it's
manufacture. It is the warmest felt
we offer. If you are going to be living
in your yurt long term this is the felt
for you. The only down side is that it
is expensive and bulky to transport.