Ulaantaij - Bringing Mongolia to the World
A design from one of our
painted yurts.
Yurt Colour Guide
Our yurts come in the six basic
colours shown to the right. Orange,
brown. On top of each base colour,
each yurt component is then
decorated with traditional Mongolian
designs that compliments your base

We are also able to offer you custom
colours, so if you have been
searching for a pink, white or even
gold yurt, do let us know.

Please read our guide to colours
below. Colour really does have an
impact on how you see the world and
how the world sees you.

Important note: colour tones may vary
depending on your computer screen
settings and other variables. The
colour of your yurt may appear
differently to those colours listed here.
Colour has more of an impact than simply how you see your yurt

Red: A striking colour. Often used for temple yurts due to many Buddhist temples being
painted red. Can be a difficult colour to live with but excellent for commercial uses due to
it's striking appearance.

Light Blue: Well suited to a yurt in Western Europe. A combination of the easy to live with
and dramatic. Whilst still bringing brightness to the interior of a yurt.

Dark Blue: Not a traditional yurt colour but one that is popular in the West. Gives a yurt a
"distinguished" feel. Designs tend to be more prominent due to being painted on a dark

Green: Again not a traditional colour, but perfect if you are going to be siting your yurt in a
green field environment and do not want your yurt to stand out. Has a very calming effect.

Brown: As per green, earthy but can be dramatic as the designs when painted on a dark
colour do stand out more.